An interim story

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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Behold a gold lion.

    This blog is dead.

    The years of memories clogged up the joints and cogs until they bent and buckled and wore themselves out under the pressure.

    We are on the precipice of stagnation here - an intolerable state of affairs. And Blogger, sadly, doesn't provide me with a conducive environment in which to update.

    Yours truly is moving on to newer pastures in search of more outlets for his fanatical rantings.

    Come along, reader, you know you want to. It's just another step: a rational progression up a flight of irrational staircases.

    I'm ready whenever you are.
    Alex out.

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010


    I wake up my head is empty then slowly an eerie echo of my daily life strides over to me and plunges noodly appendages into the wet orifices of my mind raping my thoughts and dissembling my personality even as I rub the sleep dust out of my eyes and yawn to make sure I'm awake and this isn't a dream but it sure feels like one and oh shit there goes my memories of when I was four now I know this has to be a dream cos' the colours are all wrong and mighty psychedelic and dude what's that noodly thing doing in my ear I just want to wake up please oh please oh please please please my teeth are falling out I can feel them sliding off the blood vessels attaching them to the roof of my mouth someone once told me that when you dream of your teeth falling out it means you're very concerned with how people view you in real life and I guess that's not altogether true but I wouldn't deny it I just want to wake up now I'm running up a waterfall with my best friends beside me and then I wake up.

    Alex out.

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    The Universe in Your Arms

    Where can a man find solace?
    Is it in his dreams?
    Is it in his memories?
    Is it in his home?
    Is it in his heart?

    Where can a man find courage?
    Is it on a battlefield?
    Is it on a sinking ship?
    Is it in the struggle of daily life?
    Is it in religion?
    Is it in truth?
    Is it in having people he needs to protect?

    Where can a man find love?
    Only in your arms.

    "And now I see you perfectly, behind closed eyes."
    Alex out.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010


    Alex Leong is now Level 21 on Uncharted 2 Multiplayer! Hell Yes!

    Well, this is a good time to update this little blog. I'm in the middle of watching American Idol Season 9 auditions, so perhaps this update will be mildly truncated. Mmhmm and amen chicken. I'm feeling all mellowed out, thanks to a great workout day.

    I've been having a taste of living alone since New Year's Day. The experience is rather refreshing and I personally find it quite fun. Shopping for groceries and preparing all my meals is a breeze... but that's mainly due to my eating habits. (My staple diet consists of sushi, sashimi and bucketloads of salad - no dressing)

    So it doesn't need much mention that I've been feeling better than ever; possibly the best I've ever felt this year. Oh, but it's just the beginning of 2010!

    Honestly, I don't think living alone would be that good an experience if all I did was sit around at home. Lack of human interaction is akin to Kryptonite to me, so it's all well and good that I've been going out with some friends. And Uncharted 2 MP is a great way to mingle with people... mingle with people then blow them up.

    Or shoot them to ribbons. Over and over and over.
    I should write an ode to the mighty M-32 Hammer and his sidekick the Incredible M4.

    * * *

    But let's move on. I watched a movie with my sister a few moons ago. It's an indie musical called Once.

    And it's frigging. nice.

    Open your earholes wide, wide as you can.
    Concentrate until you can feel every single cilia waving about inside your cochleae.


    I sense my posting is done. And I shall end this here.
    With this here "picture" thingy, which should achieve a couple of things:

    1. Alex Leong ish alive. The person updating this is the real deal, not some freaking robot gigolo from the year 3000.

    2. I am CLEARLY Ver 1.8*

    Here it comes.

    "Clearly 1.8, wouldn't you agree?"

    I like chocolate milk.
    Alex out.

    * Don't bother asking how I assess my fitness. It's allllll in my head. I'm a crazy man :)

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    The Invincible Nonagenarian.


    I'm exhausted. I want to sleep. Really, I'd like nothing better right now. I could be sleeping or playing more Uncharted 2. But I feel I'd be missing something vital if I didn't process my feelings on this fortuitous evening.

    It's 3.23 am (nice number) on New Year's Day. The family spent New Year's Eve counting down among thousands of people at Bukit Bintang. It was hot, it was sweaty, it was mildly stressful - but it was worth every minute and every drop of sweat, just to see the look of childlike bliss on my grandparents' faces.

    Little Chloe enjoyed her first ever countdown very much, I believe. All that snow spray helped that tremendously. She seems to be addicted to the stuff.

    This year, there weren't as many people at the countdown so parking was a breeze. What a shocker, I know. Dinner was pretty smooth too - we didn't even need to wait to get seated at Crystal Jade.

    Fooooood was goooooooood :D

    We had an hour and a half to kill after dinner so all of us just wandered around Bukit Bintang, soaking in the robust atmosphere and revelling in the energy all around us. Pavilion had a good thing going on with DJ Classick so I moshed with the mostly Malay crowd for a good while. Right in front of the booth.

    Sweaty fun, it was.


    The fireworks themselves were as good as I remember them to be, if not a little brief. The view from the street was wonderful though. At the stroke of midnight, the seven of us started popping our... Party Poppers (AWESOME PARTY DEVICES I TELL YOU BUGGERS) and generally creating a spontaneous mess of confetti and metallic paper and some other happiness-inducing sparkly bits.

    . . . It was well worth the effort of going to Kepong to acquire them :)

    . . .

    . . .

    . . .

    Hence, now you find me here, seated in front of this glowing screen, typing this out with my mad touch-typing skills. I'd cut this post off here but there's just one... last thing... to say before we all wake up on Friday morning and it is 2010 "proper"....

    * * *

    An open letter to all my friends and the good people who read this:


    Thank you (you know who you are) for making 2009 an unbeatably awesome year! Here's a toast to making 2010 rock even harder!

    This past year has had its highs and lows; I'm glad we all survived it. Especially those who sat for SPM. I only have the best wishes for your results (since mine will be among them, hey hey).

    I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this will have the best 2010 possible. May God, Jesus and Allah bless you all. And for you atheist types, may Rational Inquiry and the Scientific Method continue to bestow upon you the miracles of science!

    My heart can only continue to grow in love and compassion for everyone I'm connected to. So I bid you,

    Rock on!

    With best love,
    Alex Leong.

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    For the hell of it

    It's 10.57pm on Christmas Eve. It's a Thursday night. I'm feeling good.

    Dinner sloshes around in my stomach, digestive juices dissolving every last morsel of it. I take a moment, and pause; I look at this computer screen and reflect on the last few days.

    Monday to Wednesday was a blur of fun, fur, and lazing about at the ever-so-purdy Woan Ni's house. It was extraordinarily restful and fulfilling to chill out and just bond with my best girl friend. Having a right good go at Modern Warfare 2 with her big brother Daniel did loads to help, as well, since I hadn't been gaming for the longest while.

    About twenty minutes into the game, I got back into my groove and started taking NAMES. So, that's a small pleasure right there :)

    Doing nothing, talking a lot, getting hooked on this absurd little game called Plants vs Zombies, eating, sleeping and doing even more nothing - the little things like that make such occasions so perfect.

    Wednesday the three of us (us being me, Woan Ni and my sister) moved on over to Zewin's pad for his Leader Launch '09 Barbeque Party/ Pool Party. The crazies from LL rocked the pool and then after the weather went all upside-down on us and screwed us over, we moved the party to a drier place - a covered space just next to the pool. There we rocked some Guitar Hero and chowed down.

    Later on we brought the party upstairs to Zewin's family's apartment and played some good ol' HALO. Note to self: There is nothing as immediately refreshing and gratifying than teaming up with your best friend and owning every match of Team Slayer - which was precisely what I did with my man KJ.

    "Bros for life, motherfucker."

    So, today the family did some Christmas shopping and I got my PS3. With Uncharted 2. My life, for the next two weeks at least, is complete. The cycle has closed. Balance is restored to my gaming universe :D

    *insert beatific smile here*
    It's entire safe and reasonable for you to assume I won't be doing anything but game for a week or three. You would be right, naturally.

    So Merrrrrrrrrrry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    You won't see me out of the house for ages!
    Alex out.

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    A Tale of Two Proms. Part I.

    This week was a memorable one.

    At least, not one I'd soon forget. For this week, yours truly attended two proms.

    The first, on Tuesday, was Seri Cempaka Cheras' prom. It was a pretty amazing affair, that, and it added yet more color to my already colorful life. Pictures are all up on Facebook, in case you haven't noticed, so go check them out if you're interested, cos' I'm getting a tad tired of uploading all my photos to Blogger.

    Here's a couple for your entertainment, though. Enjoy (:

    With Ashley Almost :)

    With Khoo Jun and Weng Kee, childhood friends of mine.

    With the incredible Sheila :)

    With Miss Yehbonne :)

    Basically I got there by cab and idled a while with my man Khoo Jun until it started. Then I had a great time - I met some and interacted with some new people like the lovely Yehbonne and her friend Meenakshi. The performances were fun to watch and the dance floor segment kicked my ass. Literally. I ended up reaching home at 1 in the morning. End of story.

    That was on Tuesday.

    The next day was spent resting and cleaning up the apartment.

    Count me in for the next one!
    Alex out.